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Support for Deficient Adrenal Function

Most Candida Patients and Individuals with Chronic Unwellness Require Adrenal Support

The adrenals are two small pyramid shaped endocrine organs that sit directly on top of the kidneys. These glands have two distinct parts, the outer portion or cortex, responsible for physiological response to stress, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure adjustments for postural changes, energy production and physical stamina. Many of the body's anti-inflammatories, bronchio-dialators and anti-histamines are also produced in the cortex. A commonly overlooked factor is that normal cellular uptake of thyroid hormone is directly dependent on cortisol (secreted by the adrenal cortex) levels in the blood (adrenal-thyroid axis). The inner portion of the adrenal, the medulla, produces adrenaline and is involved with the regulation of the bloodstream's electrolyte levels.

Three factors common in most cases of candida yeast overgrowth, chronic unwellness, accumulated yeast / fungal toxins ( mycotoxins ) and poor sleep, conspire to substantially undermine the normal and healthy functions of the adrenal cortex. The most common symptoms and signs of diminished adrenal function are:

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Lack of physical stamina
Diminished sex-drive
Possible light-headedness upon standing up suddenly
Increased levels of achiness and general body pain

Safe and effective supplements that support adrenal gland functionality

Iso Cort
Imperial Elixir Siberian Ginseng 5000
Basic-Nutrients III

Additional adrenal support that we recommend but do not supply

Vitamin C, best taken in the morning and no later than early afternoon.
candida sufferers are advised to avoid esterized vitamin C derived from corn.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) if using along with Pantethine (recommended for best results), use equal quantities of each.

Licorice root extract if water retention, diarrhea or elevated blood pressure result, reduce dosage.

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candida yeast specialist
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