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Many individuals today, including the majority of candida yeast sufferers, are plagued by brain fog, that perpetually hung-over feeling, preventing one from thinking straight and getting things done. One simply has little or no mental energy, makes many little mistakes in everyday affairs, canít focus, has impaired reading comprehension and poor short-term recall.


The primary cause of such complaints is the build-up of toxins, many produced by yeast and fungal organisms in the system, that undermine the liver and brainís normal functionality. Long-term poor health is also directly associated with chronic inflammation, another major contributor to cognitive decline and inadequate mental focus (Acetylcholine inhibition caused by pro-inflammatory cytokine cascades). Simply put, chronic inflammation leads to the production of immune factors that disrupt normal mental focus and memory as evidenced by how sluggish oneís mind works when suffering of a cold or flu.


Please see the following two pages for more information >> chemical sensitivity andneurotransmitters


The liver is instrumental in providing the brain with the bio-chemical building blocks required for the production of the brainís neurotransmitter substances.


When the liverís normal functionality is burdened by toxic / neuro-toxic chemicals, such as those produced by yeast and fungal organisms, the liver becomes less and less capable of providing the brain with its requirements for amino-acid neurotransmitter building-blocks. A general undermining of normal cognitive function results.


The picture is frequently complicated by the following factors:

         Long-term hypoglycemia (low blood-sugar) do to poor dietary habits >> diet

         Consumption of wheat and dairy, producing morphine-like substances in the gut that fog the brain>> Mind-Linx

         Heavy metal toxicity from dental, food and environmental sources >> more information

         Unhealthy sleep patterns, poor or insufficient sleep >> more information

         Adrenal and / or thyroid insufficiency >>more information

         Yeast die-off reactions, a temporary factor in most cases >> more information

         Insufficient protein consumption or more commonly, poor protein digestion >> more information

         Unhealthy neurotransmitter levels caused by a combination of the above listed factors >> more information



The following supplements support cognitive function and memory



Supports mental focus, mood, memory especially in cases with chronic inflammation by increasing Acetylcholine

Imperial Elixir

Potent Siberian Ginseng supplement improves mental and physical energy and stamina and supports better sleep

Iso Cort

Standardized dosage, adrenal support supplement of highest potency, quality & purity useful for mental fatigue


Amino acid formulation containing branch-chain as well as free-form amino acids with synergists


Trace mineral instrumental in detoxifying yeast & fungal poisons in cases of candida "brain fog"


Vitamin B-5 co-enzyme helps molybdenum with elimination of yeast & fungal toxins while also supporting adrenals

PS -100

Phosphatidylserine, great for production of neurotransmitters involved with memory, may improve sleep


Increases resistance to all types of stress, improves sleep, supports al aspects of cognition, increases stamina


Supports mood, mental focus & endurance, potent anti-anxiety agent, increases resistance to stress


Highest quality, concentrated fish oil yielding essential fatty acids for brain support & mood elevation


Periwinkle extract, increases cerebral blood circulation, improves cognitive function & memory





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