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Vaginal Yeast Infection

Chronic, recurrent yeast infections require systemic treatment!
Please be aware that if yeast infections have been a problem for some time, the yeast and fungal overgrowth is most likely effecting your entire system, not just the reproductive tract.

Rarely taken into account when attempting to treat vaginal yeast, is the fact that yeast is significantly influenced by the vagina's natural monthly fluctuating acid-base (pH) balance.

The yeast colonies that have proliferated in the vaginal vault have displaced the previously existing healthy acidophilus organisms (responsible for producing an acidic, non yeast friendly environment).

The pH balance fluctuates in accordance with monthly hormonal rhythms. Most women with recurrent vaginal yeast problems notice that symptoms manifest or worsen a few days prior to the onset of menstruation and often clear up or improve once the period has ended.

Just prior to menstruation and throughout the time of menstrual flow, the vaginal pH becomes significantly more alkaline, allowing yeast colonies which have been present in a dormant state to become active and produce typical symptoms.

Many women treating yeast infection using pharmaceutical or botanical remedies assume that when symptoms clear, the infection has been treated successfully, only to discover what appears to be another infection occurring in the not too distant future, perhaps as soon as the onset of the next period. The most common reason for this is that many of the dormant colonies of yeast were not eradicated by the previous treatment and that another phase of the same infection is manifesting.

It is therefore most effective to treat the vaginal environment during menstruation when yeast organisms are most active and more susceptible to treatment.

In typical recurrent cases, treatment with Yeast Arrest Suppositories should persist for four to five consecutive menstrual periods. Treatment should be initiated by a two week, mid-cycle "loading phase" (starting three weeks before your next period) using one suppository, twice daily, morning and bed-time. Once menstruation begins use one suppository per night for the duration of the period and repeat for the following four to five periods (do not repeat the mid-cycle loading phase).

In recurrent cases where immediate symptomatic relief is needed, the use of Tea Tree Suppositories should be considered on days when not using Y-Stat suppositories, for quick symptom relief on an "as needed basis". Besides being very soothing, these highly effective suppositories also possess powerful anti-fungal activity that will assist in returning the vaginal microbial environment to a healthy state.

To clear recurrent yeast infection, the entire body must be treated. more information

For lasting results, a candida diet should be adhered to for at least three months. more information

Alcoholic beverages and birth control pills must be avoided.

The possibility for sexual infection or re-infection must be minimized.

Many women are not aware of the potential for yeast infection from a sex partner. The danger of transmitting this type of infection is highest when the recipient's immune functions are low. (Eating 2 oz. or more of white sugar in a 6 hour period can neutralize the immune capacities of an average size female for at least one half day.)

The following are common routes of infection:

Oral-genital contact, if your partner has yeast organisms in their saliva (from having recently consumed bread or pastry) and performs oral sex on you, you may become infected or re-infected.

If a partner is harboring yeast/fungal organisms on their groin or genital region, you may become infected or re-infected, via direct contact. AVI Creme can be applied topically to both partners, before and after sexual contact, to minimize this risk factor.

If a male partner is harboring an asymptomatic yeast infection in his prostate, his semen will have the potential of causing infection. Often if a yeast infection is triggered after unprotected sex (with ejaculation in the vagina) this may be the cause. The use of condoms can prevent such reoccurrences.

Due to the close proximity of the vagina to the anus, some migration of gut organisms may occur if personal hygiene is not ideal. Avoidance of synthetic fiber pants and underpants is recommended, even if synthetic clothing articles are constructed with cotton shields. Ventilation and evaporation of moisture are essential. A topical antifungal preparation such as AVI Creme can be applied several times daily between the vaginal and anal region.

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