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Effectively Treating Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

And the Need for the Elimination of Mycotoxins



The impact of chemical exposure poses a considerable challenge to most sensitive individuals and many candida patients. It is imperative to minimize one’s exposure to known sources of chemical contamination as well as optimizing the system’s potential for the neutralization and elimination of accumulated chemical toxins in order to reduce the severity of  reactions to chemical irritants.


Aside from the exposure to environmental toxins, is the commonly overlooked factor of poisons generated by yeast and fungal organisms as part of their normal metabolic activity (mycotoxins). Yeast and fungal organisms consume nutrients and in turn produce waste material. Unfortunately for us, these waste materials are highly toxic to our system. As concentrations of such toxins accumulate in our liver, brain and other tissues, our tolerance for chemicals in the same class as those produced by yeast and fungal organisms (aldehydes), diminishes accordingly.


Unless the body is enabled to rid itself of these accumulated yeast / fungal metabolic waste material, the chemical sensitivities experienced by the individual will persist and most likely increase in severity.


The following supplements are instrumental in supporting the detoxification of most common offending chemicals



For individuals with a history of high formaldehyde exposure & those suffering from intolerance to formaldehyde


Essential nutrient for the elimination / neutralization of yeast & fungal toxins best if combined with Pantethine


Assists in elimination of yeast & fungal toxins, supports adrenals, colon and healthy lipids use with Molybdenum


Superfood high in various friendly flora, herbs & green concentrates that benefit all aspects of detoxification


Herbal support for liver health & cellular protection against on-going damage from environmental toxin exposure

PEKANA Detox Kit

A comprehensive detoxification for Liver, Lymphatic System and Kidneys that promotes cleansing of matrix



In cases where indoor air pollution is a concern, please consider the use of the following house plants. 


Please be aware that most carpeting off-gasses formaldehyde for as long as ten to fifteen years after the date of manufacture.

Furniture composed of, or produced with particle board is a source of formaldehyde off-gassing.

Most modern structures, residential as well as commercial, are constructed with numerous chemically toxic, off-gassing components.


Avoidance of exposure to the following is a must for reducing the stress on an already overburdened system


  • Common household chemicals
  • Perfumes, fragrances and cosmetics other than “100% botanical” products
  • Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners
  • Room and automobile deodorizers
  • Second-hand cigarette smoke
  • Dry cleaned garments as well as dry cleaning establishments
  • Bedding and pillows produced with foam and synthetic materials






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candida yeast specialist
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