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Immune Support Supplements

Colostrum Enhances immume capacities, aids in repair of intestinal lining, ideal for candidiasis, chronic fatigue & leaky gut syndrome and generally lowered immunity.

Complete Thymic Formula Thymic & Spleen glandular extracts in a multi vitamin & mineral base,
provides superior nutritional support for glands involved in immune functions.

D-5000, Vitamin D-3 High potency vitamin D without preservatives, for immune system support.

Wobenzym-N Powerful systemic enzyme formulation acts as a "biological vacuum cleaner" and anti-inflammatory eliminating harmful immune complexes and foreign proteins from blood & lymph. Unsurpassed for reduction / elimination of arthritic symptoms and pain & swelling due to traumatic injury.

Immune Compromising Effects of Toxic Metals

Dental Influences on Immune System Article

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candida yeast specialist
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Good health is no longer possible without avoiding glyphosate found in GMO's

To improve many common health complaints, simply avoid ALL commercially raised grains, fruits, vegetables, oils & animal protein!

An all organic diet is your best defense

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We specialize in candida related conditions and digestive disorders: candida albicans, candidiasis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, fungal infection, thrush, systemic yeast,
vaginal yeast infection and other common types of yeast infection, acid reflux, GERD, H pylori, helicobacter pylori, intestinal yeast overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome and stomach ulcer.

The information contained in these pages is not intended to take the place of your health
professional's advice. It is derived from our clinical experience and may shed light on your
health complaints. In case of serious ailments which may not respond favorably, please
seek the counsel of a qualified health professional.

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