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Gastric Complex NEW NAME: SIMILASE SENSITIVE STOMACH 180 Capsules Price: $41.30



This wonderful remedy has helped hundreds of our patients who've suffered from gastritis and stomach ulcers.

A combination of plant enzymes, herbs and rice bran oil derivative that promotes the healing of irritated stomach lining, stomach ulcers and improves digestion. Individuals with a history of chronic stomach irritation, gastritis or stomach ulcers can heal the tissues that line their stomach by observing certain dietary restrictions and ingesting the necessary nutrients that encourage the repair of theses tissues. Gastric Complex has been extremely effective in the treatment of these conditions and in use in our practice for the past eight years. Gastric complex promotes the production of a thick and healthy mucous coating which is essential for the healing of the cells lining the stomach, as well as promoting healing and soothing of inflamed tissues. It is important to take this remedy with every meal for several months to allow for sufficient improvement. When the individual feels satisfied with the normalization of their stomach function, it may be discontinued on a trial basis to determine if further use is indicated. If no further stomach complaints are experienced after two to four weeks of discontinuing, Gastric Complex may no longer be needed. If however some irritation (even if only mild) persists, resume the use of Gastric Complex, since the lining of the stomach is not yet fully healed.

TO ENHANCE THIS SUPPLEMENT'S HEALING POTENTIAL: Eat smaller meals, do not eat late in the evening , allow four hours to pass between your last meal and bed-time if possible, avoid the foods and beverages that you already know are irritating to your stomach such as white flour, yeast containing foods, sugar, coffee, tomato sauces, vinegar, pungent spices etc. If after making these changes and using Gastric Complex for at least eight weeks no marked improvement is noted, ask your doctor to test for Helicobactor Pylorii, a bacteria which can cause Gastritis and ulcers. The daily use of Alkabase may also prove to be very helpful.

  • Amylase........................13,750 UPS
  • Lipase..............................25 LU
  • Cellulase...........................10 CU
  • Athea Officinalis..................120 MG
  • Ulmus Fulva........................120 MG
  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice........100 MG
  • Gamma Oryzinol......................85 MG
  • Produced by Tyler Encapsulations, Gresham, Oregon

    SUGGESTED USE: 2 Capsules at the start of each meal. 2 Capsules may also be taken on an as needed basis to reduce stomach irritation, should any occur between meals.

    WARNINGS: None.

    DRUG INTERACTIONS: None known.

    candida yeast specialist
    candida yeast specialist
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